The nutritional qualities of pork

Carolina Muro, director of the Nutrition Unit of the Spanish Federation of Industries Food and Beverages, states that "the pork and its derivatives are an essential source of key proteins for a balanced and healthy diet." 

According to Wall, pork has a lot of nutrients and thus phosphorus, zinc, iron and vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12 are some of the components that can be found in the cuts of pork.

The reason has been erroneously associated pork with cholesterol resides in the high fat course attributed to this product. However, the pork has no responsibility in raising cholesterol, even some cuts like pork tenderloin contain a low-fat, saturated fat, and thus help maintain normal cholesterol levels.
Pork and cholesterol

"Pork lean contains parts that are like the rest of the animals. A distinction lean meats fat meats and this has much to do with the piece and the age of the animal. What I suggest is to prioritize the consumption of lean meat, for both parts and the tenderloins or tape loin "says Dr. Carmen Gómez Candela, Chief of Nutrition, University Hospital of La Paz.

In this sense it has been proven that pork has less fat and also contains heart-healthy fat, specifically unsaturated fatty acids. So "lean pork is perfectly useful and consumable cardiovascular diets, cardiovascular protection and calorie controlled diets," says Dr. Carmen Gómez Candela, who participated in the Program license to eat.

In addition, some of the technological advances developed by the meat industry have allowed to modify the characteristics and composition of their products, which have reduced the fat and sodium to enable consumers to have nutritionally optimized food, and at the same time they can target population groups with specific needs.


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