Lean pork head with vegetables and sauce
Recipe created by Xavier Pla, student at the Hospitality School of Girona
Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty
50 minutes
Lean pig's head 3Un
Thyme -
Oil 300ml
Vinegar 70ml
Grain pepper -
Salt -
Carrot 100g
Asparagus 2Un
Butter 40g
Onion 200g
Reduced dark background 60ml


1-We put all the ingredients except the lean inside a small pot to be infused.

2-Once hot and infused, we introduce the meat in the pickle until it is cooked and soft.


1-Put a water bath with water to boil.

2-Cut the asparagus with a slightly irregular size and the carrots into thin strips with the mandolin.

3- Boil the asparagus and the carrot until it is al dente (the two vegetables separately).

4-Before serving, undo the butter and put the vegetables without stopping to stir gently until they are very hot.

Pork sauce:

1-Reduce a dark background to get a demi-glace.

2-Cut the onion brunoise and sauté until well browned. Once roasted, mix everything with the demi-glace and strain.

3- Finish by ligating with a little butter until you get a honey texture and rectify salt and pepper.

Finally, heat the meat with its own marinade, stir the vegetables with melted butter until they are hot, heat the sauce and spin with the rods.

As observations the vegetables can vary according to the season and the inspiration of the dish, from the tradition as it is pickled.