Our history

1850 was a time of scarcity, there was neither consumerism nor all the hustle and bustle and the altered rhythm of life that we live today. Simplicity prevailed in the society. Nevertheless, it was not a less demanding society with a job well done. On the contrary, the essence of simplicity was based on doing few things, but well done: the art of harvesting the grain or the meticulousness and delicacy in activities such as crafts and husbandry. Certainly, the range of products and markets was then much more limited than it is today, but there was always love and a special care in its preparation.

María was a woman born in Riudellots, a small town in Girones county. Specifically, in a humble farm where every morning at dawn, a yellow sunflower sea which laid throughout the hectares in front of his farmhouse fields was formed.

Her father had a small pig farm, which he fed with care and dedication. Likewise, when a special day arrived, all those months dedicated to the animal care became a delightful flavor to every palate.

It was then when all the efforts and meticulousness that his father had made become real.

Maria showed some admiration for the art of husbandry. This is how she grew up observing his father’s work. Years later, that hobby became a vocation. María decided to grow the family business and implement all the knowledge acquired throughout her childhood. To do this, she expanded the stables and increased the number of pigs. Every dawn when the yellow glow of sunflowers entered through the bedroom window, Maria marveled at the horizon while she pondered how she could improve the breeding of her animals. She enhanced their diet and care. Once she thought it was the right time, she used to sell the meat in the town’s market. It didn’t took long until people spread the word even to farther lands of the nutritious and delicious meats she offered. And that’s how his fame started to grow.

All these techniques and knowledge were later transmitted from generation to generation without losing the details and care in the product elaboration

Years later, his descendants named this work “Sunflower”, honoring all those mornings where the yellow glow illuminated the self-absorbed face of María, and with the intention of keep perfectioning the breed. At the same time, the passion they put on this work, materializes today in each bite of Sunflower meat.

Why does Sunflower have a better balanced fatty acids?

For its better balance diet

Modification in the animal feed has improved the quality of the product.

Analytical controls show the increase in Omega 3 acid, and therefore the improvement of the Omega 6 : Omega 3 acid, and the reduction in the percentage of fatty saturated acids, contributing to an improvement of its nutritional value.