4 pork cheeks
6 cloves of garlic
200g onions
100g carrots
Bouquet garni (oregano, bay and thyme)
1 beef stock cube
400ml red wine
400ml water
Olive oil, salt and pepper


Season the cheeks on both sides with salt and pepper and coat with flour.
Chop all the vegetables and set aside. Pierce the garlic and leave the skin on.
Fry the cheeks in hot olive oil to seal the meat; remove from the pan and set aside.
Then, add all the chopped vegetables and whole garlic cloves, stirring well until everything is mixed.
Pour the wine into the pan and when some of the alcohol has evaporated, add the cheeks, bouquet garni and stock cube.
Add the water, which must always be the same amount as the wine, cover and leave to cook over a very low heat for approximately one and a half hours.
Once you can see the meat is tender, strain the sauce, which should be very thin, removing the bouquet garni and garlic.
Return the sauce to the pan with the cheeks and cook for a further five minutes, tasting and seasoning with salt as required.
Serve with fries or pilaf rice.